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These stickbaits are designed to imitate pilchards.
Pilchard, Whitebait, Red Herring
29.7g / 100mm

These stickbaits are designed to imitate pilchards. One of the most versatile stickbaits around, fish them sub surface, mid water or just off the bottom. Can be fished slow or fast its up to you. Just twitch them with the rod tip and pause for a few seconds. What sets these lures apart from others is on the drop. They fall horizontally and have an irresistible wobble on the drop which fish can't resist which makes them look like an injured bait fish. Nine times out of ten fish will take them on the drop. These will catch anything that swims and will quickly become a go to lure. They cast a long way and are fitted with blood slot hooks one of the sharpest hooks on the market.

 $12.99 $10.00